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The Athletic, 

aerial acrobatics

Circus arts company

The collaboration among the artists of the JCP SOUND FACTORY and the ACROVERTICAL company, under coordination of FONX EMOTION Production Company, takes shape in the staging of shows with a modern circus flavour, enriched by performances of the highest athletic profile, aerial silks, vertical dance, aerial dance, in-flight' and ground' shows.
ACROVERTICAL is an Italian company, which includes excellent performing' artists from the national and international scene.
Intriguing shows are created, made of sounds, lights and colors, based on personalized scripts and international narrative stories.



Show performed on the stage made up of 2 structures of aerial fabrics and suspended tools, in the center a 100 m2 stage. 7 stage paintings, 9 circus artists, a dance troupe, a showman, live musicians and actors

75 minutes of show to keep everyone in suspense and where there will be a lot of emotion

The Original Soundtrack