The Record Company's new Studios, born in 2021 and always work in progress with innovation and equipements. Big and very welcoming ambient for Composition, Recording, Mix and Mastering all kind of music for ADV, Discography, TV and Soundtracks.

The Recording Studio of a 40m2 Control Room, fully equipped with the most modern recording, composition and mixing technologies.
Dolby Digital with Atmos system, analogue outboards and analogue or digital mixing.
The Control Room is independent and also connected to other recording rooms for integrated recordings and reproductions.
There's an Orchestral Recording Studio equipped with analog and digital recording lines, with independent mixing of the hear phones, otherside with a digital Direction Desk.
A single recording room with independent control is available (e.g. for voices or single instruments).
The Cinema Mix is carried out in a Dolby THX and Atmos certified environment, with the most modern technologies capable of mixing and mastering the International Column intended for DCP Finalizing for all international standards.
Mastering is made available according to all the standards required internationally, according to AGCOM and RAI specifications, in compliance with the technical specifications intended for Cinema, TV and Marketing.


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